I received a few wonderful compliments this week that still have me smiling.  I’m sharing these with you all with the premise that happy news shared is doubled J   

Waiting for me at 9 am at the farmers market last Saturday was a man that said he and his wife had bought some pattypans and green beans from me the week before at market and it was some of the best food they had ever eaten and he drove 90 miles from Gwinnett County to get more!  Wow!  If I hadn’t been so stunned I would have gotten out my Iphone and put him on camera!

This week was the return of the Trotter, Dunham and Patchen gang for Farm Camp.  This is the

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second year they have kicked off their homeschool year with time at Ladybug Farms.  The group grew to 8 kids, ages 5-12 which was a handful even with 3 moms on site as backup but we had a big time.  The oldest, Robby, had been asked by his parents if he wanted to spend his last week of summer returning to Disney World or going to Farm Camp and he chose Farm Camp!  I was honored and delighted! 

 Farm Food Favorite: Cabbage- Sauerkraut (or just shred the Carrots and Apple Cider Vinegar for ColeSlaw)  

I eat a tablespoon of sauerkraut most mornings with my breakfast.  You can spend a bunch of money on probiotics or you can make your own kraut for very little money and get the freshest probiotics possible for your gut.  Cut up or shred one cabbage in a food processor (use the slicing blade, not the cheese shredder blade or it will be mush) and add ½ tbsp salt to shredded cabbage.  Knead shredded cabbage as if it was dough until water starts to appear.  Pack into wide mouth quart mason jar and use wooden spoon to press down into jar.  Put lid on loose as it will bubble over as it begins to ferment so make sure to place jar in bowl.  Store in cool place out of direct sunlight (like a pantry or laundry room) and check on every day or so.  Once bubbling has stopped is ready – generally 2-4 weeks.  Refrigerate and Enjoy! 

I will see you all tomorrow at the CSA pickup from 10-12 at Fromage.  Please bring a bag for your goodies.


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