So the words of the week are weed and mulch.  Much of the fields have been hand weeded and the rows and perimeters weed eated (thank you Ron, John, Joyce, Eva and Richard!).  The mulching has now begun in earnest with the cucumbers and tomatoes up first, the turmeric and winter squashes up next.  Thinning is also a close second on farm tasks as today Joyce and I thinned the second half of the beet row and the first of the carrots.  The beet greens in the row that was thinned for last weeks share are almost twice as big as the row we thinned today.  Joyce and I decided nobody likes thinning beets (or carrots or okra or…) but it is something we must do to eat beets. Some young farm helpers visited today while their grandma Cindy trimmed the donkey hoofs.  They loved helping to harvest the onions.  Once the onion greens topple over they get harvested, the greens trimmed to an inch and then placed in the sunroom to cure.  Crazy to think the onions were pencil sized when they were planted in March!   

Farm Food Favorite: Kohlrabi
A member of the cabbage family, kohlrabi can be peeled and cut into slices and eaten raw or my favorite way to prepare is the Kohlrabi Fritter.  Grate kohlrabi then mix with egg and flour and form like hushpuppies and pan fry in coconut oil.   For an extra Yum fritter substitute parmesan cheese for the flour!  Make a dipping sauce using dijon mustard, mayonnaise and/or red pepper.  Enjoy! 

I will see you all tomorrow at the CSA pickup from 10-12 at Fromage.  Please bring a bag for your goodies.

Until next week…

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