CSA Shift Assist at Farm - Wednesdays from 9-12 or Mondays from 5-8.  This Monday we will be digging garlic, not yet sure about wednesday.  Please text to 404-403-1129 eve before if you plan to come help.  

It was late last week when I suddenly realized I was looking at the most beautiful row of squash and zucchini I have ever grown and it was silent!  In years past that row would have been humming with bees busy pollinating all the blossoms…  I had kept bees for several years but about three years ago gave it up as it was just “one more thing” I did not have time to do well.  About the time I gave up bee keeping, my neighbors ½ mile down the road returned to beekeeping.  Bees travel up to 2 miles for nectar so my crops were well pollinated.  However this winter my neighbors moved to Virginia Beach and returned six week ago to relocate their bees.  Cultivated bees can be territorial and I suspected the neighbor bees had run off the native pollinator bees.  My friend and fellow beekeeper, Paul Vonk, saved the day!  Saturday at dark I met him at his apiary at Rabun Gap Naccochee School to pick up two hives of bees to relocate to my farm.  Once back to the farm my brother helped me to unload the hives that I transported in my 4 runner and it took until about midnight for the hives to be in place and the transport covers removed.  The sourwood honey flow is just beginning so the bees are busy with that but a few have begun to find the abundance of clover at my farm and I suspect they will make their way to the squash, zucchinis and cukes before too long.  What a great reminder how We (two and four leggeds) are all connected!         

Farm Food Favorite: Baby White Turnips
A new crop for me this season.  Slice into thin discs and steam/boil in a small amount of water.  Cut up the greens and add towards the end. Officially known as Pot Licker, the cooked turnip juice with greens can be   eaten by soaking your cornbread in the pot licker.  Enjoy! 

I will see you all tomorrow at the CSA pickup from 10-12 at Fromage.  Please bring a bag for your goodies.

Until next week…

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