Finally, one of the “random” showers circling around these last several weeks landed at the farm today.  Hallelujah!  The 6000 gallons of stored rainwater that I use to irrigate the crops were gone as of last Thursday – it had been almost a month since the last rain.  Am most thankful to have gotten this shower – and the fall greens are too!  I completed the soil testing this past week and sent the samples off to the lab in Ohio that I like to use.  Given all the rains this season I am not optimistic about the results.  To rebuild nutrients in the soil lost from the heavy rains I am experimenting with grass clipping mulch in the fall fields and hope to in time be able to do no-till beet and carrot plantings in the deep grass mulch beds.      

Joyce and I began digging sweet potatoes last week and we will be digging sweets for the next few    By hand digging we are able to uncover and enjoy the fingerlings which are a delicious treat.  With about 20% of the crop dug so far it looks to be a promising yield of sweets this season. 

Farm Food Favorite: Butternut Squash Pizza
Peel Butternut Squash and cut into discs.  Brush with Olive Oil and rRoast in oven on 350 for 20-30 minutes until just beginning to soften.  Remove then add toppings of cheese, tomatoes, mushrooms or ???  Return to oven just to melt cheese and Enjoy! 

I will see you all tomorrow at the CSA pickup from 4:30-6 at the Rabun County Library.  Please bring a bag for your goodies.

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