It seems like the normal dog days of summer (i.e. hot and dry!) are here and with that the growth slows way down on the crops.  While we certainly have not needed to irrigate at all this season, I decided to put drip tape out on the fall crops to give them a little boost.  Peppers, okra, basil are all singing this evening as are the birds that dart through and collect drops of moisture. 

I moved Lola and Belle (aka the power eating and pooping machines) to the 30’x60’ kudzu patch at the farm.  In two days they have already made a good dent in knocking it back.  The plant is amazing in that it grows more than a foot a day!  The patch showed up at the farm about 5 years ago and I’ve managed to keep it contained by mowing the perimeter and then an annual livestock grazing to remove the top growth.  As I understand kudzu does not like to be messed with and if you keep knocking it back you’ve got a fighting chance to keep it at bay.  To totally eliminate you also need to go after the mother root which can be found by following the vines back to their origin.    

Farm Food Favorite: Spaghetti Squash Lasagna!
Cut the Spaghetti Squash in half and rub olive oil on exterior of squash to keep moisture in while roasting.  Roast face down in a pan with small amount of water at 350 until soft.  Remove from oven, scrape out squash with a fork (it should be “stringy” somewhat like spaghetti).  Top with butter and salt for a great veggie side dish or to make lasagna substitute spaghetti squash for pasta noodles and then layer with tomato sauce and cheese. Enjoy!

 I will see you all tomorrow at the CSA pickup from 4:30-6 at the Rabun County Library.  Please bring a bag for your goodies.

Until next week…

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