Well of course the buzz this week at Ladybug Farms was the Eclipse!!!  It was a total pleasure and honor to share the farm with a crowd of 100+ folks from Georgia Organics, Hannah Solar, GWT2 Energy, CSA members (Joyce, Crowe, Barbara and kids in eclipse viewing mode) and friends. 
To me the essence of a farm is community and that day was the ultimate testament of that belief.  A total celebration with perfect weather, a delicious farm picnic lunch prepared by CSA members Jenny
and Mr. Wilson of Fromage fame and just a feeling of joy, delight and wonder permeated the air.  Perhaps the biggest surprise was near to totality all the pinholes in the barn roof created crescent moons throughout the barn – it was truly spectacular!  Many of us in Rabun County were so lucky to witness this historic event, and I hope that wherever you were it was a grand experience. 

Coming down from that celebration required a few days rest but I am back in the saddle again and this week planted a row of winter radish, beets and carrots and prepared a row for transplanting the bok choy, lettuce, kohlrabi and more.  Surprisingly the radishes have sprouted with zero rain – thanks to all the moisture in our air each evening.  All the Butternut Squash have been harvested and are curing in the barn.         

Farm Food Favorite: Butternut Squash Pizza!
Peel Butternut Squash and cut into discs.  Roast in oven on 350 for 20-30 minutes until just beginning to soften.  Remove then add toppings of cheese, tomatoes, mushrooms or ???  Return to oven just to melt cheese and Enjoy! 

Until next week…

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