Hard to believe but I started the fall seedlings this week.  Lettuce, Bok Choy, Chicory, Kohlrabi and Kale seeds were planted in flats in the greenhouse and I noticed the first sprouts peeking through today.  It seems the tomatoes are about at the peak of production this week – unusual as the 20 different varieties usually ripen in stages but this year they seem to all be ripening at once.  We harvested the Spaghetti Squash this week and they are now in the barn and will make an appearance next week.  The hay was also cut this week – 100 square bales went into the barn.  A big shout out thanks to CSA member Jim and also to John Michael for jumping in and helping with that big task.  If we continue to get rains we will likely get a third cutting of hay – that would be the first time that has happened in my nine years at the farm.        

This weeks Farm Food Favorite is the Flageolet Bean.  Considered a specialty in France it is actually the interior shelled bean of the Selma Zesta Pole Beans that we had earlier this season.  You can google it and find several recipes such as a Salad with the Flageolet Beans, Carrots and Rosemary.  The traditional French way is to enjoy with tomato sauce and lamb.

Farm Food Favorite: Flageolet Beans – French style!
Make your red sauce with tomatoes and garlic and while simmering on stove add shelled Flageolet Beans.  If including with lamb brown the meat first and then add to sauce and beans.  Simmer until meat is tender.  Enjoy!       

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