With all the rain this season I’ve trellised more crops than ever before.  The usual tomatoes, peppers and pole beans have all been trellised but this year I’ve added to the trellis and/or staking list crowder peas, cucumbers, zinnias and dahlias.  The idea is to keep plants from lying on the ground, falling over (which happened to a few plants in last weekends windstorms) and increase air flow.  Pictured are two trellised cucumber plants in my greenhouse that just started producing this week.  Commercial growers produce a lot of cucumbers in this manner.  In the greenhouse I am experimenting with beds that also have arugula – it will be in the share this week

Farm Food Favorite: October Beans!
October Beans are an old time bean that can be eaten in one of three stage – green bean, fresh bean or dried soup bean.  We’re at the fresh bean stage so you can shell these beans for a beautiful pink and white mottled fresh bean.  Simmer in salted water until tender and then add to sautéed garlic and kale   Enjoy!       

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