Trellising luffas and tomatoes, moving donkey and goat fencing, weeding/weedeating (always) and preparing rows for a midsummer buckwheat cover crop have been on the agenda so far this week.  The later summer field is coming along nicely with the first blooms on the okra and the first crowder peas are making an appearance.  We picked 25 pounds of Selma Zesta pole beans last week and another 20 pounds yesterday.  Mom has turned her kitchen into a canning bean factory, the food Bank flash froze 20 pounds for the upcoming Solar Eclipse celebration at Ladybug Farms (look for that official invite to arrive in your inbox this weekend) and we still have lots of fresh beans to eat!  The peppers have been slow to get going but are showing signs of coming to life.  Still lots of potatoes to dig – has been a beautiful potato crop this season!     

We have CSA member Karen to thank for this weeks Farm Food Favorite…

Farm Food Favorite: Cornbread and Cabbage!
Sautee an onion in butter until beginning to soften.  Slice up cabbage and add to onions.  Sautee until cabbage and onions are carmelized.  Optional – add in fresh sausage at same time as adding cabbage.  Enjoy with Cornbread!   

Until next week…

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