Some warm, sunny days this week and the tomatoes have responded by beginning to ripen.  Oh Happy Day!  Karen and I worked to put out the drip irrigation on two of the three fields this week.  There is a nice crop of summer lettuces that I want to keep going and the 85 degree days make it challenging for lettuce and cucumbers without irrigation.  I am so grateful for the rainwater gravity flow irrigation system I installed in 2010 through a grant from the USDA Beginning Farmer program.  It continues to perform well and feels really good to irrigate with rainwater and off-grid! 

We had a great turnout at last Saturdays Farm Tour.  One young boy said it was "the best farm ever".  When I asked him why he responded "because he got to pull a carrot out of the ground and it was Purple"!  Super cute!!!  I was also most excited to discover this week that everything in the small vegetable garden we started at the Rabun County Library has sprouted – okra, pumpkins, sunflowers and even the sweet potato and marigold transplants are hanging in there.  Karen and I were talking this week that vegetable gardens should be everywhere where people eat food– at schools, hospitals, prisons to name a few.  In our fast-paced world it can be so rewarding and grounding to garden – one of my favorite quotes “to watch something grow is good for morale, it helps you believe in life”.        

Farm Food Favorite: Caprese Salad! 
Slice up your heirloom tomatoes.  Add a basil leaf and slice of mozzarella cheese on top of each tomato slice.  Grate black pepper and drizzle olive oil on top.  Enjoy!   

Until next week…

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