More dancing among the raindrops this week as we worked to weed, hoe and harvest.  A few dry moments during the week allowed me to do some pruning on the tomato plants to maximize air flow.  Especially important given the wet days we’re having.  Minutes after CSA member Joyce arrived this week to help, it started raining, again.  We decided to tidy up the greenhouse and plant arugula in the raised beds, as I planted the ginger and turmeric in the outside fields for the first time this season .  The last couple of years it has gotten too hot in the greenhouse for the ginger and turmeric so we’ll see how it does in its new location. 

Two things that have done extremely well with all this rain are the potatoes – more really nice red spuds that Karen dug today – and I am thrilled to include my first beautiful cabbages in our CSA harvest after years of trying!  Coleslaw, sauerkraut or just plain cooked cabbage – yum!          

Farm Food Favorite: Refrigerator Pickles! 
Use your cheese slicer to quickly cut up your cucumbers into thin slices.  Put in a container with apple cider vinegar and some chopped up dill.  For your fresh onion lovers, you can also chop up an onion and add.  New cucumbers each week – just keep adding to the vinegar.  Enjoy!   

Until next week…

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