It has been a hectic week trying to play catch-up from being gone up in DC last week (more on that trip later).  All this rain put the weeds into overdrive so we have been weedeating between the rows, thinning and hand weeding the beans, squash, cucumbers, carrots, beets and more.  In the last several years I have hay mulched all the squash but am hesitant to do so this season with all this rain.  I am already seeing signs of mildew on the squash plants and it is much too early in the season for that unwelcome visitor!

So my trip to Washington DC the last week was to join with 40 other farmers, dairy owners and beekeepers from across the country to voice our concerns with the proposed Bayer/Monsanto merger in meetings with several congressional offices.  The merger is being evaluated by the Department of Justice and there did not seem to be much awareness or concern among many of the congressional staffers we met with.  Contrast that with a recent poll of 1500 registered voters in the US that said 90% were either concerned or Very concerned about this merger.  Hmmmmm.  We have a lot to do to educate folks on the significant implications this proposed merger has on the health and security of our food system and I will be working on this important initiative more in the upcoming months.          
Farm Food Favorite: Kohlrabi 
(say Hi to Karen who is a big help at the farm this season!)

I’ve been making fritters with several different vegetables lately including zucchini and squash.  But the original fritter I made was from the Kohlrabi and I thank CSA member Margie for this great idea.  Remove leaves from kohlrabi and use carrot peeler to lightly peel rougher areas of kohlrabi.  Grate and then mix with egg and flour (I use about ½ cup for a large kohlrabi).  Saute in coconut oil for about 6 minutes each side until browned.  Enjoy with spicy mustard or horseradish dip.  
Mexican Kohlrabi Coleslaw
Prepare and grate kohlrabi as above. Also slice kohlrabi leaves into small strips and add to grated kohlrabi.  Optional to add grated carrot.  Toss with vinegar and add chopped up Cilantro.   Salt to taste and Enjoy!   

I look forward to seeing each of you tomorrow at the CSA pickup from 10 am until noon in our new pick up location at the Rock House Park.  Please bring a bag for your goodies.

Until next week…

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