These last several days of sun have been a welcome relief from the deluges of the last few weeks.  We’ve been able to finish up the planting of the okra and winter squash, catch up on a lot of overdue weeding but still have the pole beans, beets and carrots to thin. 

Ever the comedian SuperDuck has been enjoying the tub I generally use to soak transplants in prior to   I guess he decided we should use duck emulsion instead – ha!  He’s adjusting to a major change as last Friday I picked up 16 baby ducklings which arrived via USPS.  He’s warming up to the idea of being a grandpa duck, grandma duck, mama and papa duck all at once!  After two years at the farm he has figured out how to be a duck – sleeping in the pond at night for safety and what to forage in the way of bugs and greens – so he has a big job ahead to teach the others. 
setting out in the field.

Farm Food Favorite: White Stem Bok Choy
Several ways to enjoy this asian vegetable but my favorite way is to eat it raw.  The juicy white stems can be used to dip in hummus or as a substitute for celery in a chicken salad.  The greens can be stir fried or sautéed with kielbasa sausage.  Enjoy! 

I will see you all tomorrow at the CSA pickup from 4:30 until 6 at the Rabun County Library.  Please bring a bag for your goodies.

Until next week…

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