The start of the eighth season as a CSA Farmer – Time flies when you’re having fun!  Farming is a lot of physical work but it feels important in many ways, I enjoy the seasonality of the work and consider it more of a lifestyle than a career.    

Lots of good things happening at Ladybug Farms again this year – monthly farm tours to educate the public, organic hay certification, baby ducks at the pond, a new ladybug farms facebook page and the biggest highlight of all is I have an apprentice, Julie Best, working with me this season.  Wahoo!      

With these warm, sunny days we’ve been working like crazy to get things in the ground before the summer heat arrives.  Most everything but the sweet potatoes and pepper transplants are in the ground but things are growing slowly with the lack of rain.  I can’t even remember when the last frost was this year, odd since we’ve had frosts as late as May 17 at this farm.  Last year I lost 700 baby kale plants to a late frost – I was determined not to repeat that lesson!  Not to worry, both kale varieties are looking (and tasting) great this year so get ready for kale chips and smoothies…

I am trying a different approach to planting out onions this season.  We planted them closer together, two to a hole and grouped them in bunches.  The idea is to thin every other group as spring onions which at the same time weeds the bed for the other onions to grow up full size.  Seems to be working and I believe you all will enjoy having spring onions which I have never offered before. 

Farm Food Favorite: Grilled Spring Onions

Brush with olive oil – green parts and all – then grill until soft and Enjoy!

I’d like to again say thanks to each of you for helping to make this possible and I look forward to seeing each of you tomorrow at the first CSA pickup of the season from 10:30 until 12:30 in front of Butlers II Antiques on Main Street.  Please bring a bag for your goodies.

Until next week…

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