As May is coming to a close we are winding down the hi-speed planting mode now that most of the summer crops are planted.  We are using more mulch this season than ever before to keep the weeds down and retain moisture in the soil.  The 100 or so bags of leaves I backhaul from Atlanta each fall are doing more than amend the fields in the fall.  A few of the bags had leaves already chipped (BONUS) so we spread those among the kale and mustard plants.  Not only have they done a great job with weed suppression but the flea beetle damage has been nonexistent on the mustard – typically a big problem in the past.  We are also doing an experiment with mulching potatoes with hay.  Generally the potatoes are hilled with soil to keep the roots cool and encourage the potatoes to grow bigger.  The row spacing was off on two of the rows so I was unable to get the tiller in between the rows for the final hilling.  The picture shows the first 80 foot row of mulched spuds – come July we’ll see how it worked.    

Farm Food Favorite: White Stem Bok Choy

My favorite way to enjoy this vegetable is eating the delicious white stems raw with hummus.  The stems can also be used as a substitute for celery in dishes such as chicken salad.  And absolutely eat the leaves too – raw or steamed.  Below is a recipe for a quick and simple steamed bok choy…

Ginger-Sesame Bok Choy

1 Tbsp rice vinegar
1 Tbsp soy sauce
½ tsp sesame oil
5 thin slices fresh ginger
8-10 stems Bok Choy

Whisk soy sauce, oil and vinegar and set aside. In large skillet bring 1 cup of water and ginger to a boil.  Add bok choy and reduce to simmer.  Cover and cook until stems are fork tender – 3 to 5 minutes.  Drain well, transfer to platter and drizzle with vinegar-soy mixture.  Enjoy!

I look forward to seeing each of you tomorrow at the CSA pickup from 6:30 until 8:00 pm - H building patio at the Stacks.    Please bring a bag for your goodies.

Until next week…

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